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Vincent "Vince"[1] Black is the head of the organized crime division of Task Force 29's branch in Prague and an undercover agent inside the Dvali organization in 2029.

Biography Edit

Black is never seen in TF29's office due to being deep undercover within the Dvali crime family under the name "Czarnobog." As part of his job, he is investigating the Dvali smuggler, Vlasta Novák, and so he works closely with Vlasta, helping to smuggle everything from Neon to people so he can gather incriminating evidence on the Dvali's smuggling operation. However, despite working together, Black (under his Czarnobog identity) has entered into a "turf war" with Vlasta, according to one TF29 analyst.[2]

As Czarnobog, Black works with a group of Neon dealers that include Bonbon, who are the only dealers authorized by the Dvali to distribute Neon. When Black learns that Neon is fatal to anyone who has Neuropozyne in their system, Black tells the Neon dealers to keep this information to themselves rather than to publicize the information, in order to maintain a good reputation for the substance.[3]

As Black is one of the few men willing to stand up to Vlasta and is feared by the young Dvali, Dobromila Nováková, Vlasta's wife, works out a deal to give him the evidence he needs in exchange for helping her get away from her husband.

After Black failed to show up for his first meeting with TF29 psychologist Delara Auzenne, Auzenne asks Adam Jensen to investigate his whereabouts. If Jensen follows through with the investigation, he finds out that Black has been killed by Vlasta due to Black revealing his real identity to an unknown woman, who in turn informed another Dvali member who thus ordered Vlasta to go kill him.[4]

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  • The name "Vince" is probably his preferred nickname as "Vincent" is used on his office door and email address.
  • When Jensen finds Black's body, there is a pocket secretary that indicates Black was starting to struggle with keeping his two identities separate as he speaks in third person on it.

Trivia Edit

  • "Czarnobog" is Polish for "black god," an apparent reference to Vincent's last name. According to Slavic mythology, Czarnobog is supposedly a dark deity, scarcity of sources - and the fact that all of them are Christian - does not allow to draw definite conclusions on his nature.

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