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Vision Enhancement

Vision Enhancement is an eyes slot augmentation in Deus Ex. It is a nanotechnological augmentation that provides night vision and, at higher tech levels, the ability to see through walls.

This augmentation is installed from the augmentation canister that also includes Targeting. Since there is only one eyes slot, Vision Enhancement and Targeting are mutually exclusive options.


By bleaching selected rod photoreceptors and saturating them with metarhodopsin XII, the "nightvision" present in most nocturnal animals can be duplicated. Subsequent upgrades and modifications add infravision and sonar-resonance imaging that effectively allows an agent to see through walls.

  • TECH ONE: Nightvision.
  • TECH TWO: Infravision.
  • TECH THREE: Close range sonar imaging.
  • TECH FOUR: Long range sonar imaging.


Vision Enhancement is an active augmentation that consumes 40 units of bioelectric energy per minute.

Tier Effect
Tech 1 Provides night vision, similar to the night vision provided by tech goggles.
Tech 2 Humanoids, creatures, and robots seen in night vision are highlighted more brightly. Characters that have the cloaking ability (Anna Navarre and Walton Simons) will be highlighted even when they are cloaked.
Tech 3 See humanoids, creatures, and robots through walls, up to a short distance.
Tech 4 See humanoids, creatures, and robots through walls, up to a longer distance (2.5 times that of the distance for tech 3).[1]

Canister locations[]



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