Vlasta Novák is a Dvali smuggler and can be encountered during the side mission Fade to Black.

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Vlasta smuggles contraband such as Neon, weapons, and people. He works with Czarnobog, the undercover identity of Task Force 29 agent Vincent Black. On one occasion, Black informs Vlasta to obtain a supply of Neon from the dealer Bonbon.[1] On another occasion, Black directs Olivie Devos (who is seeking Dvali's services to smuggle her out of Golem City and into Rabi'ah) to Vlasta's storage locker to then be transported out of Prague.[2] Despite working with Black, Vlasta sees Black as a rival and the two have entered into a "turf war," according to one TF29 analyst.[3]

According to Vlasta's wife Dobromila, all that Vlasta cares about is delivering on time and chasing other women. Having had enough of Vlasta's actions, Dobromila decides to hand over information on Vlasta's smuggling operations to Black in exchange for a ticket to Berlin, where she intends to disappear and start a new life.

Adam Jensen learns from Delara Auzenne that Vince has gone missing. If Jensen investigates Vince's disappearance, Jensen follows up on Vince's recent contact with Dobromila and eventually finds Olivie Devos in Vlasta's storage locker, waiting to be transported to Rabi'ah. Vlasta and his henchmen then enter the storage locker, startled to find Jensen there. The outcome of the confrontation between Vlasta and Jensen may or may not resolve peacefully. If Jensen resolves the confrontation peacefully, Vlasta will smuggle Olivie to Rabi'ah.

Jensen later discovers that Black has been killed by Vlasta due to Black revealing his real identity to an unknown woman, who in turn informed Vlasta.

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