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Voices from the Dark is a side quest in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


If Zeke Sanders escaped during the Neutralize the Terrorist Leader mission, either if Jensen let him go immediately or after convincing him to let Josie Thorpe go through conversation, Zeke will want to meet with Jensen.

Once Jensen has been assigned the Stopping the Transmission mission, Pritchard will contact him when leaving the Chiron Building saying one of Jensen's contacts has left a message to meet him in an alley off Bagley Avenue, near the Sarif Building.

Primary objective[]

Meet Zeke Sanders[]

Zeke is found in an alley near the Sarif Building as indicated. Simply head to the marker and engage him in conversation.

He will give Jensen a pocket secretary with access codes and some miscellaneous information regarding the FEMA complex.


  • If the Highland Park mission is started before meeting Zeke, this side mission is lost.
  • If you talk to one of Zeke's bodyguards, he will remark " I may not have seen you at the plant, but I see you right now!" and "You're a real sneaky little fuck, aren't you?" if you had received a 'smooth operator' bonus during the plant break-in.
  • You can actually take down Zeke here (lethal) to avoid being confronted by him in the future when finding Isaias Sandoval. However, this will mean missing out on a Praxis Kit on return to Detroit.