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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Volkard Rand is a member of the Illuminati Council of Five in 2029.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2029[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the Illuminati orchestrated the events in Dubai, where Task Force 29 witnessed gold-masked mercenaries interrupt a black market arms deal between Sheppard and the Jinn, Rand meets with the rest of the Council of Five, along with Bob Page, in a NSN meeting to discuss their next move. The Council of Five discuss the Human Restoration Act, which the United Nations is set to vote on soon. Rand states that he will go to New York to rally support for the passage of the Act. Lucius DeBeers agrees, and tells Stanton Dowd to accompany Rand, so that the combination of the two will exert both political and economic pressure to ensure that the Human Restoration Act will pass.[1]

Rand and two others log off from the meeting, leaving Lucius DeBeers alone with Morgan Everett and Page. Everett argues that Rand and Dowd won't succeed in getting the Act to pass. DeBeers acknowledges, and tells Everett that they are already proceeding with the alternate strategy. To this end, DeBeers instructs Bob Page to activate sleeper agents embedded in the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC), who would later orchestrate the bombing of the Růžička Station in Prague. After the bombing, Page orders the sleeper agents to assassinate Talos Rucker[2] and deploys Shadow Operatives to attack Nathaniel Brown's Safe Harbour Convention held in London. The attack succeeds in framing ARC as a terrorist group, but the Human Restoration Act may or may not pass, depending on whether Adam Jensen is able to prevent the assassination of Brown and the UN delegates attending the convention.

Afterwards, Rand voices his anger during another Council of Five meeting, stating that everyone should have been "informed" of the actions of others, presumably referring to the actions that Page put into play, directly or indirectly as a result of DeBeers' instructions. DeBeers calmly tells him that adjustments are always going to occur in the field. Rand disagrees with DeBeers' characterization of the events as mere adjustments. Everett then reports that Adam Jensen may have received external assistance from the Juggernaut Collective, possibly even from Janus directly. Upon hearing these comments, Rand's facial expression changes.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Being a canon newcomer, Rand is one of two Illuminati members (the other being Delara Auzenne) to not make an appearance whatsoever during the events of Deus Ex or its sequel.
  • It is unclear precisely how old Rand is, though he was designed to look younger than his actual age according to his section in The Art of Deus Ex Universe.

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