Wasim Alam leads the Jinn cartel along with his twin brother Salar Alam. He is described as cold and calculating and is known under the alias Head of the Jinn.[2][3]


A former LIMB clinic doctor and surgeon, Wasim decided to move to more profitable enterprises and founded the Jinn with his brother Salar. The Alam brothers have been in operation since 2020, and have greatly expanded their operations since then, recruiting mercenaries, ex-military, nationalistic agitators, and other colorful criminal agitators from all around the Middle East.[2]

Wasim brings the same cold and calculated approach he brought to saving lives to running the Jinn with Salam.[2] He also continues practicing, including augmentation surgeries - both installing augmentations and harvesting augmentations from the Jinn's victims.

During the Aug Incident, Wasim saved his brother Salar's life.[2]

In 2029, when Alam brothers are preparing for a purchase deal with Sheppard, Wasim extracts an eye prosthesis from Sheppard's courier to assess the quality of augmtentations that Sheppard offers for sale.[3] Later, Wasim is supposed to go to Rabi'ah to recruit prospects for the Jinn and to harvest augmentations from those who refuse to join.[4]


  • Wasim Alam appears on the Task Force 29 investigation board with the note "early childhood TRAUMA (sister?)", implying that the Alam brothers have or had a sister.



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