In Deus Ex, eight different weapon modifications are available. Each one either improves a weapon's attribute or adds an extra feature to the weapon. Each weapon is limited to a maximum of five upgrades per attribute. Not every modification is compatible with each weapon - as shown below.

ModAccuracy AccuracyEdit

When clamped to the frame of most projectile weapons, a harmonic balancer dampens the vertical motion produced by firing a projectile, resulting in increased accuracy. Each upgrade improves the base accuracy, based on weapon's base accuracy (that is, a weapon with high base accuracy is affected less and vice versa).

"Almost any weapon that has a significant amount of vibration can be modified with a balancer; I've even seen it work with the mini-crossbow and a prototype plasma gun."

ModClip ClipEdit

A magazine extension that increases clip capacity beyond the factory default.

Increases by 10% per upgrade, based on weapon's base clip (minimum of +1 clip per upgrade). Upgrades applied are rounded down.

ModReload ReloadEdit

A speed loader greatly decreases the time required to reload a weapon. Each upgrade reduces reload time by 10%.

ModRange RangeEdit

By lubricating the firing path with synthetic synovial fluid, the drag on fired projectiles is reduced with a consequent increase in range. Each upgrade improves range by 10%.

"Coating the primary valve system of a flamethrower or plasma gun in synovial lubricant and then over-pressuring the delivery system will also result in an increase in range. Little trick I learned during field testing."

Despite the description, it has no effect on projectile velocity.

ModRecoil RecoilEdit

A stock cushioned with poly-cellular shock absorbing material will significantly reduce perceived recoil. Each upgrade reduces the base recoil by 10%.

ModLaser LaserEdit

A laser targeting dot eliminates any inaccuracy resulting from the inability to visually gauge a projectile's point of impact.

There is a well known bug (though based on the description this is probably deliberate) which makes all weapons equipped with the laser 100% accurate. However, attaching the Scope modification to the same weapon, either before or after attaching the Laser, will remove the accuracy effects of the Laser, unless you turn on the scope and laser sight at the same time.

ModScope ScopeEdit

A telescopic scope attachment provides zoom capability ( [ Key ) and increases accuracy against distant targets.

ModSilencer SilencerEdit

A silencer will muffle the muzzle crack caused by rapidly expanding gases left in the wake of a bullet leaving the gun barrel.

"Obviously, a silencer is only effective with firearms."


  • It is unnecessary to put the accuracy modification on the sniper rifle if you are planning to max your Weapons: Rifle skill, since the maximum accuracy possible is already achieved just from the weapon's base accuracy and the Master skill level.
  • A silencer on the sniper rifle is useful when firing the weapon in close range. Outside of its noise range, enemy troopers will not be able to hear any shots, whether or not a silence has been applied.
  • The base recoil value on the flamethrower is at 0 to begin with so it does not benefit from the recoil modification. The modification is also unnecessary when recoil is eliminated by a weapon skill. An advanced level weapon skill will eliminate all weapon recoil, except on the assault shotgun. For the assault shotgun, a master level rifle skill will eliminate all recoil.

Compatibility TableEdit

Accuracy Clip Reload Range Recoil Laser Scope Silencer
Stealth Pistol *
Assault Rifle
Assault Shotgun
Sawed-off Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Plasma Rifle
✔ indicates that the modification is compatible with the weapon
○ The Sniper Rifle already includes a scope
* Stealth pistol only accepts recoil modification on v1.000f


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