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This page lists all weapons in Deus Ex. Weapons in Deus Ex are divided into five categories, each respectively corresponding to one of five weapon skills (Weapons: Low-Tech, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle, Weapons: Heavy, and Weapons: Demolition). Effectiveness in using weapons depends on the mastery level in the relevant weapon skill.

The tables below show actual attribute values known from game data in cases where the in-game inventory interface displays incorrect values. For example, the inventory interface displays incorrect weapon damage for several weapons. For these weapons, the true damage value is shown in the tables below. Differences between actual values and displayed-in-game values are documented in individual weapon articles.

Low-Tech skill weapons[]

Weapon Ammo Damage Size Clip ROF Rel. Recoil Acc. Range
DX Combat Knife (small icon) Combat Knife 5 1 1.825 0.0 50 5 / 5*
DX Crowbar (small icon) Crowbar 6 2 1.809 0.0 50 5 / 5*
DX Sword (small icon) Sword 10 3 1.176 0.0 50 4 / 4*
DX Dragon Tooth (small icon) Dragon's Tooth Sword 20x5 4 1.573 0.0 50 6 / 6*
DX Throwing Knives (small icon) Throwing Knives 15 1 2.391 0.0 55 40 / 80*
DX Baton (small icon) Baton 7 1 1.359 0.0 50 5 / 5*
DX Pepper Spray (small icon) Pepper Gun Pepper Cartridge 0 1 100 13.33 4 0.0 65 6 / 6
DX Prod (small icon) Riot Prod Prod Charger 15 1 4 1.0 3.0 0.0 75 5 / 5
*The range attribute of these weapons is not displayed the inventory interface.

Pistol skill weapons[]

Weapon Ammo Damage Size Clip ROF Rel. Recoil Acc. Range
DX Pistol (small icon) Pistol 10mm 14 1 6 1.667 2.0 0.3 65 150 / 300
DX Stealth Pistol (small icon) Stealth Pistol 10mm 8 1 10 2.537 1.5 0.1 60 150 / 300
DX Crossbow (small icon) Mini-Crossbow Tranq. darts
Flare darts
5 + 5/tick (Tranq.)
15 (Darts)
5 (Flare darts)
1 4 0.909 2.0 0.0 60 50 / 100
DX PS20 (small icon) PS20 (one-use) 8 1 0.0 100 900 / 1.5k

Rifle skill weapons[]

Weapon Ammo Damage Size Clip ROF Rel. Recoil Acc. Range
DX Assault Rifle (small icon) Assault Rifle 7.62x51mm
20mm HE
3 (7.62mm)
150 (HE)
2x2 30 10.0* 3.0 0.50 65 300 / 600*
DX Sniper Rifle (small icon) Sniper Rifle 30.06 25 4 6 0.666 2.0 0.40 75 1.8k / 3k
DX Assault Shotgun (small icon) Assault Shotgun 12ga Buckshot
12ga Sabot
4x5 2x2 12 2.50 4.5 0.70 60 75 / 150
DX Sawed-off Shotgun (small icon) Sawed-off Shotgun 12ga Buckshot
12ga Sabot
5x5 3 4 0.683 3.0 0.50 70 75 / 150
*These values apply only to 7.62x51mm ammunition. The 20mm HE has a rate of fire of 1.0 rounds/sec and an accurate range of 25 feet.

Heavy skill weapons[]

Weapon Ammo Damage Size Clip ROF Rel. Recoil Acc. Range
DX GEP Gun (small icon) GEP Gun Rockets
WP Rockets
300 4x2 1 2.0 1.0 75 900 / 1500
DX Flamethrower (small icon) Flamethrower Napalm Canister 5 4x2 100 10.0 5.5 0.0 55 20 / 20
DX Plasma Rifle (small icon) Plasma Rifle Plasma Clip 8x3 4x2 12 1.6 2.0 0.30 70 900 / 1500
DX LAW (small icon) LAW (one-use) 1000 4 1.0 70 900 / 1500

Demolition skill weapons[]

Weapon Damage Recoil Acc.
DX EMP Grenade (small icon) EMP grenade 100 (EMP)* 0.0 50
DX Gas Grenade (small icon) Gas grenade 0 0.0 50
DX Scramble Grenade (small icon) Scramble grenade 100 (NanoVirus)* 0.0 50
DX LAM (small icon) LAM 500* 0.0 50
*These grenades are displayed as having 0 base damage in the inventory interface; they do not inflict any actual damage, but have a base damage value of 100 for purposes of special gameplay mechanics.

Projectile and damage type data[]

Weapon Attack Method Projectile Data Damage Type
Internal Name Speed Blast Radius
Low-tech skill weapons
Combat Knife Hitscan Shot
Crowbar Hitscan Shot
Sword Hitscan Shot
Dragon's Tooth Sword Hitscan Shot
Throwing Knives Projectile Shuriken 750 Shot
Baton Hitscan KnockedOut
Pepper Gun Projectile TearGas 300 1* TearGas
Riot Prod Hitscan Stunned
Pistol skill weapons
Pistol Hitscan Shot
Stealth Pistol Hitscan Shot
Mini-Crossbow Projectile DartPoison 2000 Poison + Poison Effect
Dart 2000 Shot
DartFlare 2000 Shot
PS20 Projectile PlasmaBolt 1500 300 (18.5 ft.) Burn
Rifle skill weapons
Assault Rifle Hitscan Shot
Projectile HECannister20mm 1000 512 (32 ft.) Exploded
Sniper Rifle Hitscan Shot
Assault Shotgun Hitscan Shot / Sabot
Sawed-off Shotgun Hitscan Shot / Sabot
Heavy skill weapons
GEP Gun Projectile Rocket 1000 192 (12 ft.) Exploded
RocketWP 1000 512 (32 ft.) Flamed + Burned
Flamethrower Projectile Fireball 800 1* Flamed + Burned
Plasma Rifle Projectile PlasmaBolt 1500 300 (18.5 ft.) Burned
LAW Projectile RocketLaw 1000 768 (48 ft.) Exploded
Demolition skill weapons
EMP grenade Projectile EMPGrenade 1000 512 (32 ft.) EMP
Gas grenade Projectile GasGrenade 1000 512 (32 ft.) TearGas
Scramble grenade Projectile NanoVirusGrenade 1000 512 (32 ft.) Nanovirus
LAM Projectile LAM 1000 384 (24 ft.) Exploded
*These projectiles have a defined blast radius but are non-explosive.

Weapon modifications[]

See Weapon modifications (DX) for a list of weapon modifications and their compatibility.

Weapon attributes[]

Weapons have one of two attack methods:

  • HitscanHitscan weapons register attacks instantly, without requiring a projectile to travel to the target.
  • ProjectileProjectile weapons launch projectiles (such as a rocket, crossbow dart, plasma bolt, fireball, or grenade) that must physically travel through the game environment in order to reach their target.
    • For projectiles that explode over area-of-effect, the "blast radius" attribute defines the size of the explosion.

Weapons are associated with the following attributes:

  • Ammo – The ammunition used by the weapon.
    • Some weapons are capable of using multiple types of ammunition. Different types of ammunition may fire different types of projectiles and may have different respective damage types.
  • Damage – Each weapon has a base damage.
    • Damage can be raised by weapon skill (from untrained to master: +0, +20%, +50% and +100%). Note that these bonuses are incorrectly displayed as 0, 10%, 25% and 50% in the inventory interface.
    • Damage can also be raised by Targeting (10% per augmentation level) and Combat Strength (25% damage per augmentation level; melee weapons and grenades only).
    • For projectile weapons, the projectile launched by the weapon has its own base damage that is separate from the nominal base damage of the weapon. The projectile's base damage is the one that governs, while the nominal base damage of the weapon has no actual effect in gameplay. If there is a discrepancy between the projectile's base damage and the weapon's nominal base damage, the projectile's base damage is listed on this page as the true base damage of the weapon (however, the in-game inventory interface will "incorrectly" display the weapon's nominal base damage instead).
    • See Damage (DX) for additional information on this attribute, including damage multipliers.
    • See Damage Types (DX) for information on the categories of damage that are inflicted by weapons and projectiles of weapons.
    • See Explosions (DX) for information on how explosion damage is calculated.
    • See also Health (DX) for information on health mechanics.
  • Size – The number of squares that the weapon occupies in the inventory grid.
  • Clip – The clip size of the weapon (in number of rounds). Clip size can be increased by the clip modification.
  • ROF – The actual rate of fire of the weapon (in rounds per second) is shown in the tables above. The actual rate of fire is not necessarily the same as the nominal value shown in the inventory interface.
  • Reload (Rel.) – The nominal reload time of the weapon (in seconds), as displayed in the inventory interface.
    • The nominal reload time is actually only the middle phase of the full reload duration. The beginning and ending phases of the full reload duration are not listed in-game, and are not affected by any bonus.
    • The middle phase of the reload duration can be decreased by the reload modification, as well as by weapon skill, and by the Targeting augmentation.
    • See Reload time (DX) for information on the duration of all reload phases and details on how reload time is calculated.
  • Recoil – The recoil of the weapon. Recoil can be lowered by recoil modifications, weapon skill (from untrained to master: 0, -0.2, -0.5 and -1), and the Targeting augmentation.
  • Accuracy (Acc.) – The accuracy rating of the weapon (in %).
    • Accuracy can be improved by weapon skill (from untrained to master: +0, +5%, +12.5% and +25%), the Targeting augmentation, and accuracy modifications.
    • For weapons with an equipped scope, accuracy determines scope sway.
    • The laser modification and scope modification also affect actual accuracy.
    • See Accuracy (DX) for additional information on this attribute.
  • Range – The accurate range and the maximum range of the weapon (both in feet).
    • The accurate range is the range up to which the weapon (or projectile launched by the weapon) is not affected by gravity. The accurate range of hitscan weapons can be increased by the range modification.
    • The maximum range is the range beyond which hitscan weapons will not register a hit. Maximum range has no actual effect on projectile weapons.
    • See Range (DX) for additional information on this attribute.

Non-player weapons[]

Non-player weapons are weapons that are not intended for use by the player character. These weapons are used by animals, robots, and MJ12 Commandos, and cannot be obtained by the player during normal gameplay.

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