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This page lists all weapons and related equipment in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Mankind Divided features 10 weapons, some of which have one or two variants. Most weapons can be upgraded using crafting parts and improved using weapon attachments. For details on each weapon, please see their respective articles.

Grenades and mines[]

Main article: Grenades and Mines (DXMD)

Grenades and mines come in the following varieties. Mines can be created by combining a grenade with a mine template.

  • Concussion grenade / Concussion mine
  • EMP grenade / EMP mine
  • Fragmentation grenade / Fragmentation mine
  • Gas grenade / Gas mine
  • Smoke grenade / Smoke mine

Weapon-like augmentations[]

The following augmentations in Mankind Divided function similarly to weapons.

Weapon attributes[]

Weapons are shown with the attributes of Damage Output, Ammo Capacity, Rate of Fire, Accuracy, Recoil, and Reload Speed. However, these attributes shown in-game are often inaccurate or misleading when comparing between different types of weapons or even different variants of the same type of weapon.

The damage attribute is particularly known to be inaccurate, as certain weapons may do greater damage than other weapons or variants despite having the same or lower weapon damage.[1]

Maximum range[]

All weapons in Mankind Divided except the Grenade Launcher have a hidden maximum range attribute. Targets beyond the maximum range cannot be hit regardless of how the weapon is aimed.

The range values shown below are "base" maximum range values. The maximum range in an actual situation depends on additional factors, such as the angle at which the weapon is aimed. Maximum range increases as the weapon is aimed upward, up to an increase of about 1 meter for the longer-ranged weapons. Maximum range also depends on whether you are standing or crouching. For example, the Stun Gun appears to have a "base" maximum range of 8 meters, but the range is approximately 8.15-8.20 meters when standing (and aiming straight forward) and approximately 8.05 meters when crouching (and aiming straight forward).

The laser sight is visible only if the target is within range, making it useful for quickly gauging whether a target is within range. The rangefinder of the 4X scope or an integral weapon scope will display a range if the target is within range, but a blank value if the target is outside of range. These features enable the range of all weapons to be determined.[2]

Weapon Range
Stun Gun 8 meters
Shotgun 25
Devastator 35
10mm Pistol (Standard) 35
10mm Pistol (Elite Edition) 40
Tranquilizer Rifle (Elite Edition) 40
Côte d'Azur 40
Machine Pistol 45
Combat Rifle (Elite Edition) 50
Classic Revolver 50
Revolver 55
Tranquilizer Rifle (Standard) 55
Combat Rifle (Standard) 60
Otar's Revolver 65
Battle Rifle (Standard) 80
Battle Rifle (Elite Edition) 85
Sniper Rifle 175
Lancer Rifle 300

The Lancer and Sniper Rifle both have ranges far in excess of any combat situation you're ever likely to encounter in the game.

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  1. See DXMD Weapon Damage Testing (blog article)
  2. The range of non-scoped weapons can be determined by finding the threshold distance at which the laser dot disappears, and then switching to a scoped weapon to measure the distance. For longer distances, a distance of up to 220 meters can be measured by using the boats traveling on the river during nighttime Prague. The boats on the river in System Rift enables measurements of distances up to 300, which is the maximum range of the Lancer.