Chapter 7 - Maneuvers in the Dark
Sent to Highland Park to investigate a signal, Jensen discovered more than he bargained for: a secret FEMA facility temporarily occupied by black op mercenaries -- the same mercenaries who left him for dead six months ago. Forced into combat with a soldier named Barrett, Jensen proved victorious, emerging from battle with a corpse on his hands and another possible lead: an apartment complex in China named Hengsha Court Gardens...

M11 - Whispers of Conspiracy is a main mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Primary objectivesEdit

Meet Pritchard in my officeEdit

Pritchard explains the transmission. 1000 XP. Opens up the secondary objective.

Meet Sarif in the PenthouseEdit

Jensen meets William Taggart and Isaias Sandoval beforehand.

If you talked to Pritchard first, the Secondary Objective's conversation will trigger.

When talking to Sarif again, he will give Jensen the corporate passport and send him to Hengsha.

Meet Malik at the HelipadEdit

If you haven't done so, make sure to visit your office and read your e-mails before meeting Faridah Malik at the helipad.

Secondary objectivesEdit

Confront Sarif about the security leakEdit

Jensen can talk to Athene Margoulis about the issue beforehand.

Confronting David Sarif about the installed security breach will make him defensive. Successfully persuading Sarif to relent his reasons for having the leak will reveal that its purpose was to investigate Jensen's past and will unlock the Yes Boss achievement. He'll tell Jensen that the information (dug up by Radford) will be sent to his computer.

Head back down to read the e-mails Sarif forwarded to you.

After reading all e-mails sent by Sarif, Pritchard will initiate a short dialogue once you step out of your office.

Note that this is a separate conversation thread from the primary objective and is activated by FIRST talking to Pritchard before heading up to Sarif.

NOTE: Following the successful dialog (which should unlock the Yes Boss achievement), players must return to Jensen's office to READ THE E-MAILS (sent to Sarif from Brent Radford). If this is not done, the Acquaintances Forgotten second part of the quest WILL NOT TRIGGER upon the return to Detroit.

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