World's Most Wanted. The Dvali Family is a multi-part eBook featured in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It gives information on the criminal Dvali Family, and why they have been named world's most wanted.

The eBook can be found in Prague:

Part 1[edit | edit source]

The Dvali Family

China's gang problem still holds second place to the criminal activity raging in the Slavic regions. Worse, the lines defining the Russian underworld have blurred since the formation of the Federated States in 2016, with many of their desperate neighbors swelling the Russian mafia to levels never seen before.

But for the latest and largest waves in the criminal underworld, you need to head further west to the restless Czech Republic to run into the gang on our top spot for the deserved reputation of World's Most Wanted: The Dvali Family.

In 2003, Levan Dvali, son of founding father and brutal crime lord Iakob, left his hometown of Batumi, Georgia, and set up criminal shop in Prague. The Dvali have been in violent control of the European underworld ever since.

With the "rule of blood" that members can only be of direct Georgian decent, Levan Dvali has continued his father's brutal legacy by expanding their ruthless criminal family and redefining what it means to be a gang in the 21st century.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

The Dvali Family

The list of crimes involving the Dvali is jaw-dropping. Drugs, guns, hi-tech military hardware, unlicensed aug distribution; it's a roll call of wrongdoing. From extortion to murder, smuggling to forced prostitution, the Dvali have their hands in it. And with rumors of numerous high-profile officers blackmailed or on the Dvali payroll, many believe authorities in Prague are powerless to do anything to stop them.

Today, their involvement in trafficking human lives has top spot. The profit gained from smuggling desperate Augs and their families through today's strict border controls is monumental. Prague's position on the map means that Aug traffic is higher here than anywhere else in the world. As the West cracks down on their rights, more and more Augs are flushed eastwards into the arms of countries with looser laws and the opportunistic hands of the Dvali.

Many never make it, but for the Dvali, people and their prosthetics are much like guns or Class A drugs; a money-making commodity.

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