X-51 is a group of former Majestic 12 scientists, technicians, and ex-United States soldiers, led by Dr. Gary Savage, who defected from Area 51 in 2051 after learning about the shadowy intentions of Majestic 12, the secret organization led by Bob Page.

When they walked out they stole “everything smaller than a paper clip” according to X-51 member and scientist Carla Brown, and C-4'ed the large pieces of machinery at Area 51 that would make up the Universal Constructor needed for MJ12's nefarious plans.

After their defection, they are said to have eluded UNATCO and the U.S. Army by posing as a research consortium and purchased Vandenberg Air Force Base, which had fallen into disrepair as a result of the SoCal earthquake. They have had contact with the NSF, the Illuminati and other resistance movements, however they are not coordinating fully with any organization. Despite this, they are portrayed as well armed and their Vandenberg base as heavily fortified. In addition according to Gary Savage, they have a number of spies in the Ocean Labs.

They are the only institution aside from MJ12 who are said to possess a "Universal Constructor", a device with which they hope to find a cure for the plague known as the Gray Death, a pandemic which has spread across the planet.

Know Your Enemy -- X-51[edit | edit source]

Little is known about "X-51" aside from their involvement in all manner of illegal research, much of it proscribed by worldwide concordes over the last fifty years. Computer profiling shows a high likelihood that X-51 was responsible for the SoCal disaster that submerged much of southern California, though the exact nature of the experiment that led to the tragedy is still unknown. Little other information is available on the overall objective of X-51, if any exists. X-51 is believed to be led by Gary Savage, a scientist previously employed by the United States government for a variety of black projects until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances several years ago. All agents are advised to be vigilant for any indications as to the whereabouts of Savage or other members of X-51, and report them immediately to their operator or immediate superior.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name X-51 is a play on the term 'ex-Area 51' as all of the scientists are ex-employees of Area 51. Coincidentally, they defected in the year 2051.
  • In The Missing Link, an e-mail message entitled "Re:Supply requisition" - from a computer located in the Archives room near the morgue of the Belltower base - shows Gary Savage's ID as being SavX51.
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