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XNG Data Center computers are a group of in-game computers in Deus Ex: The Fall. They can be found in the XNG Data Center facility in Panama City.

The e-mails on these computers contain key codes to locked doors in the facility, as well as an easter egg.

Office computer[]

Re: Maintenance Room Locked[]

From: Simona Alvarez
To: Bobby Newton

Hey B,

I changed the code in the maintenencesicsic room to 2882. I had to make sure security couldn't get in there last night before I had time to tidy up after us. :)

I don't feel bad at all. If you're free, I may be making another trip to the maintenance room tonight, say, 11:30?

- S

(XNGCO.00021.73240) wrote:


>I never thought the smell of bleach cleaner would get me so turned on! ;)

>Seriously, though. We could get in big trouble for what we did, if
>we get caught. I'm not sure how you even feel about it (I'm not
>feeling guilty or anything). I haven't really been able to get you
>our of my mind. Hit me back and let me know how you're doing.


Lobby area computer (1)[]

Back Office Area?[]

From: XNG Cleaning
To: Jenny Kaspersky

Hey Jenny, this is Craig from the cleaning crew. I'm wondering if anyone actually uses the back office area? The one that you use code 8812 to get into. We clean it every night, but it seems like nobody actually sits at those desks. Should we not bother? Sorry if you're not the right person to ask, I figured as this floor's office manager you might be able to tell me. Maybe they are just really clean workers? Let me know.

Lobby area computer (2)[]


From: Jenny Kaspersky
To: Worldwide XNG HR

To whom it may concern,

I have to report something odd on my floor. A man, going by the name of Milton, comes in to work every day, sits at a desk, and does something (I am not sure what). He leaves every day at the same time, waving goodbye to everyone on his way out. The strange part is that nobody knows him, and our HR manager can't find any record of his employment. I casually asked him if he got his latest paycheck, and he said yes, so he must be employed, right? How could he get into the building and be receiving pay if he wasn't an employee?

Thank you for looking into this ASAP, I am getting a bit creeped out.

- Jenny


  • The e-mail about Milton is likely a reference to the comedy film Office Space. In this film, the character Milton Waddams has been laid off years earlier, but he was never informed and, because of a payroll computer glitch, continues to receive paychecks.