Zaaphire Biotech is a Pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Canberra, Australia. In 2027, it manufactures the drug Riezene, which is used by mechanically augmented people to prevent Darrow Deficiency Syndrome and is used as a cheaper alternative to Neuropozyne.

Although Zaaphire publicly positions itself as a competitor to Neuropozyne manufacturer VersaLife, Zaaphire is in fact a proxy firm under the control of VersaLife owner Bob Page.

History Edit

In 2027, the Illuminati is utilizing Zaaphire Biotech as a proxy for carrying out activities relating to Riezene. The Illuminati had assessed that the public interest for Riezene, positioned as an alternative to Neuropozyene, is strong. In a meeting between Bob Page and other members of the Illuminati, it is discussed that additional trials are needed to ensure that some "mechanism" involving Reizene would work as intended. The Illuminati intend to conduct testing in Panama City.[1]

The LIMB clinic in Panama City refuses to take part in Riezene trials, citing patient health concerns from reports of Riezene having adverse effects on users. Nonetheless, in order to continue with the testing, Belltower leaks Riezene samples to the Panama City slums and works to cover up deaths resulting from Riezene use. Stuart St. John, a World Health Organization health inspector investigating Rizene trials, is aware of Belltower's coverup and calls Riezene a flawed product, but is assassinated by the Tyrants before he could go public with the information. Earlier, Stuart St. John was unsuccessful in obtaining the WHO's approval to access Zaaphire's labs in Australia.

Alex Vega, who was assigned to transport Stuart St. John for his assignments, would later recount to Adam Jensen that VersaLife was involved with the events that she stumbled upon while she was in Panama,[2] seemingly confirming that VersaLife was behind Zaaphire's activities.

References Edit

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