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Zeleň Apartments, also known as "poor apartment", is an apartment complex in Překážka, the southern part of Prague. It is home to Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and this is where the playable portion of the game's Prague section begins.

History[edit | edit source]

Zeleň Apartments is one of the landmarks indicated in the in-game map, with the following description:

"The Zelensicsic Apartments were once highly luxurious but have recently fallen on hard times. Since the Incident, the neighborhood surrounding the old building has fallen into disrepair."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Annotated map of Zeleň Apartments

The apartment complex has four levels - three apartment floors and the ground floor with a courtyard area.

The apartments are used by the following residents:

  • Apartment #21 - Tars Rytíř, an arms dealer and the only merchant who sells Praxis kits.
  • Apartment #22 - Utilized by Neon dealers affiliated with the Dvali, including the dealer Bonbon. This unit is a restricted zone. During each visit to Prague, there will be a male resident or guard who will become hostile if he see Jensen. The resident directory at the entryway of Zeleň Apartments shows that the resident name for apartment #22 has been crossed out and marked-over with a rainbow sign that signifies Neon.
  • Apartment #23 - Teresa Petrauskas, the bartender at the nearby bar Svobody Beer.
  • Apartment #31 - Daria Myška, who is involved in the side missions The Harvester and The Last Harvest.
  • Apartment #32 - Olivier Berthelot, ex-husband of ARC member Mary Morevic who lives in Golem City. He is getting evicted.
  • Apartment #41 - Josef Severn, the Builder of the "consciousness collector" for the Ascension ritual for the Singularity Church of the MachineGod.
  • Apartment #43 - Adam Jensen's apartment, the biggest apartment in the building.

In the courtyard, two members of the Singularity Church of the MachineGod are spreading their beliefs. One of them can answer Jensen's questions about the Church.

Also in the courtyard are two storage units, each with a security rating of 2. The left unit belongs to Professor Eugen Weisse of Prague State University, who is researching nanoviruses.

Notable Items[edit | edit source]

  • Adam's apartment (#43)
  • Josef Severn's apartment (#41)
    • Breach software on the desk below the TV.
    • eBook The MachineGod.
    • A tactical shotgun under a card box on a small table near entrance.
  • Daria's apartment (#31)
  • Olivier Berthelot's apartment (#32)
    • Praxis kit and a biocell in the hidden floor stash right below the window.
  • Teresa's apartment (#23)
    • eBook An Appeal to Basic Humanity on the kitchen counter.
    • Neuropozyne, a revolver and a biocell in a level 2 safe (code 9002) behind the fridge (requires the "move heavy objects" aug).
    • A breakable wall on the western side of the room with double beds exposes a utility area with a medicine box, and some crafting parts randomly distributed. A floor vent leads to one of the storage units.
  • Tars' apartment (#23)
    • Assortment of weapons, ammunition and grenades, and the Laser Targeting System upgrade in the locked side rooms. The door lock can be opened without causing Tars to go hostile by entering the code 9002 or by using a multi-tool. The room also includes a battle rifle, combat rifle and shotgun.
    • A room by the window side contains 3 combat rifles, which can be resold to Tars one-by-one.
  • Right storage unit
    • Biocell and multi-tool in a medical container.
    • Machine pistol in a weapons briefcase.
  • Left storage unit (code 3556)
    • Pocket secretary with the code 1984.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Adam Jensen's exploration of Prague begins from Zeleň Apartments, specifically from his own apartment. Additionally, the following missions take place entirely or partially at Zeleň Apartments:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Zeleň" is a Czech word that means "greenery".  The building lies on the street named "Pod zelenymi stromy" to the north, meaning "Under the green trees".
  • In the entrance hall, the plaque with the apartment numbers is in Czech, but the floor numbers have English suffixes (2nd, 3rd, 4th).
  • Joseph Severn is a character in the Dan Simmons' "Hyperion" science fiction novel series. The phrase "The Void which Binds" is a term for the quantum level of spacetime in these novels. This phrase is prominent on the wall which Josef Severn's corpse is kneeling in front of (#41). The novels contain many themes related to man-machine links and their philosophical implications.

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