Zhao's desk and computer.

Zhao Yun Ru's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It belongs to Zhao Yun Ru, President and CEO of Tai Yong Medical, and is in her penthouse in the Tai Yong Medical Headquarters.

Login / Password[edit | edit source]

The computer has security level 3.

Login: yzhao
Password: encaustic

Emails[edit | edit source]

(no subject)[edit | edit source]

From: Zhao Yun Ru
To: (no address)


You gave me a job to do. A tremendously difficult job, but have I not surpassed expectations? Two years ago, Laredo Manufacturing, N-Pro Tech, and Shilung Prosthetics were all formidable companies, controlling important sectors of the global marketplace. All of them now belong to ME. To Tai Yong Medical. Obviously, I know what I am doing! You HAVE to trust me on this! You must convene the council

RE: I gave you an order[edit | edit source]

From: windmill@hackernet.net
To: Zhao Yun Ru

Fine. It's done. But these mercs? Fucking scary.

Zhao Yun Ru wrote:

>You don't get to say if it's a 'bad decision'
>or not. Send everything you've got on
>Sarif's security systems to the following
>address and stand by to assist them
>when I tell you.
>Advise me when it's done.

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